Best Covers of GRAMMY 'Record of The Year' Nominees

January 26, 2018
By: Karin Brown This year's Record of the Year category includes some of the biggest hit songs of 2017! The tracks in this category cover a variety of genres from some of the most talented artists of this generation. Amidst some of these great songs of the last year, there are hundreds of talented singers and musicians who recorded their own versions of these Grammy nominated records, or better known as covers. Here are our favorite covers of the 2018 Grammy Award 'Record of the Year' nominees.   Redbone - William Singe & Alex Aiono Cover These two YouTube stars' channels together have a combined total of over 7 mil subscribers. Their Redbone cover has almost 6 mil views.   Despacito - Madilyn Bailey & Leroy Sanchez Cover These two YouTube stars also joined forces to create a cover of one of the hottest songs of 2017. Combined their YouTube pages have over 8 mil subscribers.   The Story of O.J. - DØVYDAS Guitar Cover  This cover/guitar remix of Jay-Z's The Story of O.J. gives a completely different sound to the rapper's original track Humble - Chloe X Halle Cover This twin duo has recently reached a new level of stardom, as Yara Shahidi's college friends in the new show Grownish. However, they got their start singing YouTube covers such as this one.   24k Magic - Josh Levi Cover  This teenager's voice landed him a spot as a Season 3 finalist on The X Factor.