Visit Baltimore Wedding Package Giveaway – Story 5 Tiffany and Kyle’s Entry

Story 5: Tiffany and Kyle’s Entry –

My fiancé Kyle and I have been together for 6.5 years and he’s become already like family to everyone. A month after we started dating (when I was just a senior in high school, he was 19) I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had every chance to run, but has stuck by my side every step of the way–through every appointment and unforeseen hospital trip and when I got to senior year of college and it was decided that it couldn’t stay in my brain safely anymore. He sat by my hospital bed and stayed up with me when I was sick after the anesthesia. He has not once complained about my health (even though many are much worse than I) and he’s always been completely caring and selfless. This kind-hearted man works so hard to give me the sun and the moon and I just wish I could give him the stars. He deserves this dream wedding and I of course cannot wait to spend my life with him. We have certainly had our shares of ups and downs (who hasn’t) but what we have is special, it’s long lasting and something to share with everyone. I think we deserve to have this happy and special day together.

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