Visit Baltimore Wedding Package Giveaway – Story 4 Erin and Nikita’s Entry

Story 4: Erin and Nikita’s Entry –

I don’t believe I deserve to win this package any less than any other couple out there, but I still wish to enter. My fiance and I met at our previous job and it just kind of sparked between us. Neither of us had intended to fall this hard, we just did. Now I can’t wait for the day we say ‘I do!’. I want to win this for him. To give him the most magical moment of our lives. Something that he’ll never forget. If only, because, he’s given me so much. He took me in when I had nowhere to go. He’s given me every dollar out of his pocket and the shirt off his back; just so I would never be cold or hungry. He’s the greatest man I know, and I want him to see just how much he means to me. I feel like our wedding day should rival the beauty and kindness he’s shown to me. I love him so much more than words can describe and he deserves the very best I can offer.

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