Visit Baltimore Wedding Package Giveaway – Story 1 Beth and Ethan’s Entry

Story 1: Beth and Ethan’s Entry –

We have an odd story. The fact is that we are legally married but never got to have a wedding. We planned one, but my husband is in the USMC and on the weekend of our wedding his base was put on lockdown. He was suppose to fly from Texas to California, but 24 hours before the wedding he found out that he could not leave the base. We had the family fly in, flowers, cake, venue, but no groom. Since then (3 bases and a baby later) we still haven’t gotten around to it. I have my wedding dress hanging in a closet just waiting for that special day to come. We have always joked that the Marine Corps is his wife (because he made that commitment first) and I am the mistress. He is finally getting “promoted to civilian” this spring after honorably and dutifully serving his full enlistment, and I am hoping that finally we will be able to have the wedding that we have been waiting over two years for! I heard about the contest on the radio and immediately thought, this could be it, our shot to make this wedding dream come true.


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