The Top Ten Things Couples Would Change About Each Other
Italy Could Soon Offer Paid ‘Menstrual Leave’Italy could soon offer women paid “menstrual leave.” If so, it would become the first Western nation to do so.
The Most Attractive HobbieseHarmony recently analyzed people's profiles to find out which hobbies and interests we're attracted to the most.
Women With These Names Are Most Likely To Have Babies in 2017According to a new study, women with these names are the most likely to have a baby next year:
The 10 Ways Women Hate Being DescribedA new survey asked women what words they hate being described with. Here are the top 10:
Are You Normal?: Here's How Many Men and Women Secretly Want to Hook Up with One of Their FriendsAccording to a new survey, men and women can be friends... but guys are more likely to secretly want to hook up with a friend than women.
Are You Normal?: The Average Woman Has Sent Naughty Photos to This Many PeopleAccording to a new survey, the average woman has sent nude photos to this many people:
Would You Get Fully Naked on a Nude Beach?A new survey asked people if they'd be willing to get totally naked on a nude beach.
Study: Tinder Can Affect Your MoodMen and women use Tinder very differently. And it turns out that leads to different results:
10 Of The World's Most Powerful WomenFrom Oprah Winfrey to J.K. Rowling, there are 26 women totally taking charge and showing the world how to take center stage....and keep it.
"Are You Normal?" Closet Edition: How Many Clothes Are In Your Closet, And How Often Do You Wear Them?Most women own a ton of clothes. But that doesn't mean they actually wear them.
A Study Finds Blondes May Be Smarter Than Anyone ElseA new study out of Ohio State University found that blondes aren't dumber than people with other hair colors. In fact, they might be slightly smarter.

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