You're More Likely to Get a Raise If You Take Your Vacation DaysIf the reason you don't use your vacation days is because you think it'll help your career if you're there every single day . . . it's exactly the opposite
Six Things To Do the Day Before You Go on VacationHey! Here are 6 things you can do to make your life easier BEFORE you go on vacation!
Kim Kardashian Makes Money On Vacation In A Bikini?"While the ideal sunshine vacation involves nothing more stressful than one too many cocktails, the Kardashian-Jenners are instead expected to put on a show for the cameras."
The Thing That Brings Us the Most Pleasure Is Not Vacation or SexAccording to a new survey, 36% of people say their greatest pleasure in life is:
The Top 10 Things We Regret About Our Summer VacationsSummer's more or less over, so now it's time to look back at how you totally wasted it.
Twelve Travel Scams to Look Out ForIf you're taking a trip this summer, there are a lot of places where you could get eaten alive by scam artists. Check out these twelve tricks that scammers use to separate you from your money:
You're Going There On Vacation...Again?Do you go to the same place every year for vacation? Well, you may not be alone....
The Top 10 Things That Make a Vacation DisappointingAccording to a new survey, 60% of people have come home from a vacation disappointed. Not disappointed that they have to go back to work (100% of us hate that), they're bummed about what happened on the trip itself.
Some Of Us Come Back From Vacations More Stressed Than When We LeftVacations are supposed to be relaxing. At the very least, they're supposed to be more relaxing than your normal life. Apparently even that's too much to ask.
Would You Rather Have A Raise Or More Vacation?Which would you rather have, a $20,000 raise, or an extra four weeks of vacation?
Best (And Worst) States For Summer Road Trips"For many Americans, summer is the time to hit the open road."
What Memorial Day Means To MeI always make sure I do what I can to spread the words of soldiers and their stories. So Memorial day is big for me.

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