The 10 Smells That Transport Us Back to ChildhoodThey say smell creates the most powerful memories. Ever smelled something that just rocketed you back to when you were a kid?
The Five Most Meaningful Random Acts of KindnessAccording to a new survey, 83% of us perform a random act of kindness every week. And 65% said they do it every day. Here are some more stats about random acts, and the ones that are deemed most meaningful:
The Five Most Popular Comfort FoodsAccording to a new survey, what are the most popular comfort foods?
The Ten Most Common Names to Have if You're a GeniusYou'd probably like your kids to turn out as geniuses, right? After all, it's your best bet to leech money off them down the road. So maybe you can give them a slight head start by picking the right name.
The Top 10 Things Parents Do That Embarrass Their KidsA new survey found the top 10 things parents do that embarrass their kids:
The Ten Weirdest Excuses for Being Late to WorkAccording to a new CareerBuilder survey, 23% of us show up late to work at least once a month, and 14% are late once a week. And the most common things that make us late are traffic, lack of sleep, and bad weather.
The Top 10 Best Jobs For 2015"U.S. News & World Report" just released its annual list of the best jobs for 2015.
The Person Your Kids Are Most Likely To See As Their HeroAccording to a new survey, the person your kids are most likely to see as being their personal "hero" is . . .
Eleven Little Things in Life That Make Us HappyAccording to a new survey, 93% of people say the little things in life make them happy.
Top Country Dance Songs Of The YearMarco Club Connection surveyed nearly 250 club owners, DJs and dance instructors in the U.S. to come up with the Top Country Dance Songs of the past year. Last year, the top hits were Little Big Town's "Pontoon" and Eric Church's "Springsteen." What made the list this year? Here's the top 10:
The Top Celebrity and Entertainment Stories of 2013Here's a look at 25 of the biggest showbiz stories of 2013:
Maryland's Most Popular Baby NamesWhat are the most popular baby names for boys and girls in Maryland? Here are the top 25 names for both:

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