Have You Ever Wanted To Get A Tattoo?Here are a couple of things you might want to keep in mind if you decide to join the inked masses.
The Ten Tattoos People Regret the MostA doctor's office specializing in tattoo removals made a list of the top ten tattoos people ask to have lasered off.
The 5 Tattoos On Adele's Hands, Wrist And Behind the Ear: Photos And MeaningAdele has two separate tattoos on her wrist. Here's a close-up look, and the explanation:
Would You Get an "IRS" Tattoo If You Never Had to Pay Taxes Again?I'm going to go out on a limb and say you don't like paying taxes. So . . . what's it worth to you to never pay them again?
Dakota Johnson's Arm Tattoo Close Up [Photos]If you saw the Oscars, you may have noticed Dakota Johnson's tattoo on her left arm, which was covered up in "Fifty Shades of Grey." Here are some pics of the tattoo, along with its meaning:
Iggy Azalea Tattoos: Close-Up PhotosAustralian pop sensation Iggy Azalea has a number of tattoos. Here's a look at them up close, and an explanation of their meanings:
The Tattoo On Trey Songz's Chest [Photos]What does the tattoo on Trey Songz's chest say, and what does it mean?
The Tattoo On Felix Hernandez's Neck [Photos]What is the tattoo on Felix Hernandez's neck? Here are some up-close photos of the Seattle Mariners pitcher's ink, and the story behind it:
Would You Get a Tattoo of Your Company's Logo For a 15% Raise?Here's an interesting dilemma: Would you be willing to get your company's logo tattooed on your body to get a substantial raise? One workplace is offering that deal.
Men More Likely to Hit on Women with Lower Back TattoosIn a new study out of France, researchers wanted to find out if men are more likely to hit on a woman if she's got a lower back tattoo.
The Tattoo On Willie Robertson's Finger [Photos]What is the tattoo on Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson's finger? Here's an explanation, and some up-close photos:
Would You Get A Company Logo Tattooed For A 15% Raise?

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