Today Is National Taco Day! New Survey Shows How Much You Love TacosToday is National Taco Day, so put on your taco pants and see how you compare to most people when it comes to a little spicy pouch of deliciousness.
50 Percent Of Ravens Fans Would 'Absolutely Not' Date A Steelers FanFifty percent of Baltimore Ravens fans won’t give a Steelers fan the time of day. Dating is clearly off the table for the fans of opposing AFC teams.
The Top Things Kids Today Want to Be When They Grow UpWhen you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? No matter what the answer is, we know it's different than the one that kids are giving now.
Holding a Dog Can Make You Seem Sexier To OthersResearchers recently had people judge how attractive strangers were by looking at pictures of them with different pets.
Benefits Of Baking May Be Sweeter Than You ThinkBaking treats is not only pleasing your sweet tooth, but experts say it has real psychological benefits.
College Students Regret Most Of Their Spring Break AnticsProjectKnow surveyed just under 900 college students, and they weren't too pleased with their actions over spring break.
Your Boss Will Judge You If Your Desk Is Too Messy...Or Too CleanWhat your desk looks like may be a red flag to your boss, and it's not just about looking like a slob.
The Best Dating Apps For Finding Love And The Best For Hooking UpA new study has found the best dating apps for finding love and the best ones for just hooking up.
40% of Us Will Fake Being Happy When We Get Terrible GiftsThe average person gets eight gifts and hates two of them. So how are you going to handle it?
The Average Single Person Now Dates Six People at OnceApparently single people today are a lot better at multitasking than they used to be.
The Top Things We Do When We've Got The House To OurselvesA new survey found the top 10 things people do when we've got the house to ourselves:
What Age Is Too Old For Kids to Trick-or-Treat?What age is too old for kids to trick-or-treat? Here's what most people say:

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