Listening to Christmas Music Too Early in the Season Is Bad For Your Mental HealthIt's not getting you into the spirit, it's making you insane.
The Ten Worst Jobs In AmericaThe website released its annual list of the worst jobs in America.
Your (Screaming) Boss Is Actually A Good PersonA new study at Michigan State University found one of the main reasons bosses yell at their employees is because they're so ethical and moral.
More Than Half of Us Need a Vacation From Our Holiday VacationAre you counting down the days until you get off work for the holidays? And sometime around December 28th . . . are you counting down the days until you can get away from your crazy family, and back to the sweet relief of work?
Some Of Us Come Back From Vacations More Stressed Than When We LeftVacations are supposed to be relaxing. At the very least, they're supposed to be more relaxing than your normal life. Apparently even that's too much to ask.
The Most Stressful Things People Do in LifeA new survey asked people to name the most stressful experiences they've had. What beat out divorces and getting laid off? Here's the list:
Ever Have One Of THOSE Moments? Priestly Did!I have to preface this story...I have been in an emotional tornado the past 96 hours! Take that Jack Bauer...24 multiplied by 4! From my twins, Parker and Olivia graduating pre-k and officially shutting the doors for our family to that part of our lives too my brother getting married on's been CRAZY!
Commuting Is So Bad, It Makes 10% of Us Want to CryAccording to a new study, one out of 10 people say commuting is so stressful they want to cry by the time they finally get to work.
The Average Mom's Most Stressful SituationsHere are some results from a big new survey on moms and stress:
Driving In Traffic Is As Stressful As Jumping Out Of A PlaneA new study out of MIT found that driving in bad traffic causes the same stress in your body as jumping out of an airplane. It doesn't quite give you the same adrenaline rush, of course, but all the stress is there.
Your Long Commute Is Killing YouAccording to a study by researchers in Sweden, if you have a long commute, you're more likely to die sooner.
The Top Eight Things That Stress People Out At WorkA new survey by Harris Interactive came up with a list of the top eight things that stress people out at work.

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