Listening to Christmas Music Too Early in the Season Is Bad For Your Mental HealthIt's not getting you into the spirit, it's making you insane.
The Top Ten Songs Couples Don't Want Played at Their WeddingHere are the top ten songs people hate to hear at wedding, according to a survey of wedding DJs. These are all songs that couples specifically tell wedding DJs not to play:
The Song That Rocked Your Prom, Based on the Year You Graduated put together a list of the songs that rocked your prom, based on the year you graduated, and the song that was big in May of that year.
The 10 Most Shazamed Songs of All TimeThe most Shazamed songs of all time! Have you ever Shazamed a song to find out what it is?
America's Favorite Christmas SongsCan you guess what tops a new poll of America's favorite Christmas carols?
The Most Downloaded Holiday Songs of All TimeWhat songs top Billboard's list of the most downloaded holiday songs ever?
Charlie Puth’s 5 Inspirational SongsCharlie Puth is a musician’s musician, it’s just that he’s ended up on the pop charts as of late. But if you let him, he’ll describe pop songs in terms of harmonics, keys and chord progressions.
The 10 Most Popular "First Dance" Wedding SongsSpotify has identified the 50 most popular songs for a couple's first dance at weddings.
Are These the 10 Worst Songs to Reach #1?A site has put out a list of 'The Worst Songs to Ever Reach #1.'
Your Independence Day Playlist: The Most Popular Fourth of July SongsYouTube looked at their search results from the last three years to figure out which songs get the biggest bump on the Fourth of July.
Wedding Playlist: Last Dance SongsThere's a lot of thought put into every aspect of wedding, even the very last song that's played at the end of the night. Here are some of the most popular choices for the last dance:
Most Requested Wedding Songs 2016These are the top 40 songs currently being played at weddings, according to a survey of wedding DJs.

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