Sleeping Naked Is Good For YouA survey found only 12% of people sleep naked. . . but the other 88% really need to start. Because it turns out it's good for your health. Here are the four reasons why:
The Ten Weirdest Excuses People Have Used for Being Late to WorkAccording to a new survey, the three most common excuses for showing up late to work are: bad traffic, sleeping through your alarm, and bad weather. Now here are the ten weirdest excuses managers have heard...
The Ten Craziest Sick Day Excuses of 2015Career Builder just released its annual list of the craziest excuses people have used for calling in sick to work. Here are the top ten:
The Top 10 Things That Make a Vacation DisappointingAccording to a new survey, 60% of people have come home from a vacation disappointed. Not disappointed that they have to go back to work (100% of us hate that), they're bummed about what happened on the trip itself.
The Top Reasons We Argue In The CarIf you're getting ready for a Fourth of July road trip, get ready to argue. Sorry, but it's pretty much inevitable. A new survey found 75% of people say they get into arguments in the car. Here are the top seven reasons why:
The Top Seven Excuses For Not Going to the GymWe're all remarkably creative when it comes to figuring out excuses not to go to the gym. It's actually quite impressive.
The Top Four Excuses for Leaving Thanksgiving EarlyDo you like spending time with your family on Thanksgiving? Or do you wish you could just stuff your face without spending six hours with them?
Women Now Have More Free Time Than Ever...Here's The Surprising Reason WhyA new study out of Oxford University in England found that women now have the same amount of free time as men . . . for the first time ever. And the reason?
The Weirdest Sick Day Excuses People Have Used This YearAccording to a new survey, 28% of us have used a fake excuse to call in sick to work this year. And 31% of bosses say they've tried to catch employees faking it. 15% say they've even driven by someone's house before. Here are the eight weirdest excuses employers have heard so far this year., according to
The Age We Start Getting Healthy & Top Reasons WhyA new study found the average person finally becomes aware of their own body and truly decides to live healthier at this age and for these reasons:
The Reason Babies Cry at NightAll new parents know that moment when they finally get a few minutes alone, in bed. . . and the baby starts crying. Well, a new study out of Harvard has found out why:
How Did You Know You Weren't Your Parents Favorite Child?95 percent of parents have a favorite child. That's according to science writer Jeffrey Klug, author of The Sibling Effect: What the Bonds Among Brothers and Sisters Reveal About Us, and, Klug adds, "The other five per cent are lying." Based on that, how did you know you weren't your parents favorite child? Here's what our listeners said:

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