This Year's Popular Baby Names (And Names That Are Losing Popularity)The most popular, fastest growing, and fastest dropping names!
These Are the Most Popular Dogs in AmericaThe American Kennel Club just released their list of the most popular dog breeds from the last year.
The Predictions For the Hottest Baby Names in 2017The writers at just released their predictions for the 100 hottest baby names of this year, based on the trends they've been spotting.
You're More Likely to Get Dumped This Sunday Than Any Other Day of the YearIf you still haven't gotten your significant other a Christmas present, you might want to hold off until Monday.
Add Up To $80,000 To The Value Of Your House By Just Doing ThisIf you're trying to sell your house and want to increase the value, don't redo the bathrooms or get that colony of raccoons removed. Just do this:
The Hottest Baby Names of the Year (So Far)The website just analyzed 40 million visits from the first half of the year, and figured out the baby names Americans are searching for the most.
Most Requested Wedding Songs 2016These are the top 40 songs currently being played at weddings, according to a survey of wedding DJs.
17 David Bowie Songs Jumped Into iTunes' 100 Most Downloaded Songs This WeekDavid Bowie's catalog made a big impact on the download charts this week. What songs became the most downloaded, and what one song is even outselling Adele?
The 10 Most-Liked Instagram Photos On This YearKendall Jenner had the most-liked picture on Instagram this year. What was so special about it? Take a look at it, along with the other 9 most-liked photos of the year:
The Most Popular Wedding Songs Worldwide, According to SpotifyIt's wedding season, and if you're attending several in the coming months, Spotify has just released a list of the songs you can expect to hear over and over again.
The Most Popular Baby Names Of The Last YearThe Social Security Administration just released its data on the most popular baby names for last year.
Most Requested Wedding Songs 2015These are the top 40 songs currently being played at weddings, according to a survey of wedding DJs. These aren’t necessarily romantic songs, just fun party songs that are requested to be played during the reception. Here’s what tops the list in 2015:

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