Here's the Formula for the Perfect Online Dating Profile PicYou get more dates by posting these types of photos.
The Words That Help Your Dating Profile. . . and the Ones That Kill ItYou didn't realize it, but apparently you needed to have a thesaurus next to you when you filled out your online dating profile.
Mentioning This One Word in Your Online Dating Profile Will Get You 27% More MatchesA new study by found that if you just mention this one word, you'll see a big jump in matches. The word?
Is Facebook Tracking Our Every Move?Facebook will be able to collect more data than ever before on individuals.
6 Things You Should Never Buy OnlineOk...some of us buy EVERYTHING online. There are some things you just need to see and try on in person first. Here are 6....
The Top 15 Things We Regret Posting OnlineIt's a fascinating look into at human psychology how we continuously post stupid, embarrassing, and potentially damaging stuff on social media, yet we refuse to stop. What's wrong with us?
The Average Person Wastes an Hour of Work Each Day on These ThingsAccording to a new study of 2,000 people, the average person spends an hour of work each day on personal stuff, or just wasting time online. Each day, the average worker does these nine different non-work-related tasks:
79% Of People "Pre-Stalk" Online Before A First DateNext time you're on a first date, it's safe to assume the person sitting across from you already knows a lot about you. And it's also safe to assume you already know a lot about them.
Flirting In Person Is Going AwayTechnology makes it really easy to flirt. You "wink" at someone on, you send them drunken messages on Facebook, or you send them filthy photos on Snapchat.
Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Sneak Preview & Spoilers [Videos]
"One Life To Live", "All My Children" Aren't Really Dead
Snooki Confronts A Hater

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