Trendy Moms Don't Want to Be Called "Mom" Anymore, They Want To Be Called ThisApparently, some moms are now telling their kids not to call them "mom."
Here's Why Some People Look Like Their NamesEver wonder why your friend Bob really looks like a Bob?
A New Website Helps You Find How Many Streets Have Your NameEver wondered how many streets in this country have your name?
Maryland's 100 Most Popular Baby Names for Boys and GirlsThe Social Security Administration has released the top names given to babies in Maryland.
This Year's Popular Baby Names (And Names That Are Losing Popularity)The most popular, fastest growing, and fastest dropping names!
The Predictions For the Hottest Baby Names in 2017The writers at just released their predictions for the 100 hottest baby names of this year, based on the trends they've been spotting.
Women With These Names Are Most Likely To Have Babies in 2017According to a new study, women with these names are the most likely to have a baby next year:
The Top 10 Baby Names For just released its lists of the most popular baby names for 2016.
The 10 Ways Women Hate Being DescribedA new survey asked women what words they hate being described with. Here are the top 10:
People Are Naming Their Babies After Pokemon Characters NowWe don't know how long the "Pokemon Go" craze is going to last, but some kids are going to grow up with a permanent reminder.
The Hottest Baby Names of the Year (So Far)The website just analyzed 40 million visits from the first half of the year, and figured out the baby names Americans are searching for the most.
Find Out What Your Name Would Be If You Were Born TodayTime magazine has a feature that's pretty cool. It figures out what you'd be named if you were born today. And no, it doesn't just spit out "Emma" for women and "Aiden, Brayden, or Jaden" for men.

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