You Can Now See Unlimited Movies in the Theater for $9.95 a MonthYou can see as many movies as you want for roughly the cost of one ticket.
Are These the 10 Most Re-Watchable Movies of All Time?Why is "Pretty Woman" NOT on the top 10 list!? Maria calls shenanigans!
All The Movies & Shows Coming To Netflix This MayCheck out some of the new shows, returning favorite and good movies to watch on Netflix this month.
Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2, Priestly Crew Review!I am Groot...I am Groot, I AM GROOT!
Surprise! Johnny Depp Appears As Jack Sparrow On Disney RideSome visitors to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at California’s Disneyland got a surprise: Captain Jack Sparrow himself.
Disney Could Make Star Wars For A DecadeIf the studio continues at their current rate of one movie a year, this could mean that fans will be treated to a whopping 12 more 'Star Wars' stories before the doors are closed on the franchise for good.
Co-Stars You Didn’t Know Were Actually RelatedIt’s always fascinating when actors who are related in real life share the screen. It adds a layer of realism to the film or TV show in a way Hollywood just can’t fake.
Justice League Trailer!As I sit here watching Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice...yesterday the first full trailer for Justice League dropped...check this out!!
Angelina Jolie Opens Up And Talks About Brad Pitt Split"We are focusing on the health of our family..."
Priestly And His Family Review A Dog's PurposeI can’t believe what a hot topic this movie “A Dog’s Purpose” has become. I refuse to blindly follow anyone or anything (that said, my family and I saw it)…the story/video released from TMZ is shrouded in doubt and the more info that comes out…proves the story to be false! Especially what was released yesterday by The American Humane Association:
Charlie Sheen Reignites 3-Year Feud With Rihanna"Rihanna wasn’t the only one who Sheen slammed. He also took aim at his “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” co-star, Jennifer Grey."
Is Netflix Stepping Into Cable Television?No one ever thought they'd see the day when Netflix and Comcast joined forces. Well, believe it or not, that day is here.

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