Trendy Moms Don't Want to Be Called "Mom" Anymore, They Want To Be Called ThisApparently, some moms are now telling their kids not to call them "mom."
This Is How Often Moms Get Sick When Raising KidsIt's not surprising that it's hard being a mom, but these numbers are staggering.
Jo: The 'Not So Average' Wine PairingsWhile there are the classic wine pairings like Champagne and caviar, Cabernet and with black pepper steak, numerous (and more humorous) pairings have been discovered!
Pregnant Women Everywhere Are Celebrating #BumpDayToday is ‪#‎BumpDay‬! Mothers-to-be are posting photos of their baby bumps to raise awareness on social media to celebrate healthy pregnancies and beautiful bumps. There are even a few celebrities getting in on the action.
The Top Things New Mothers Miss the Most About Their Old LivesA new survey asked new mothers what they miss most about their old life. And the list contains very, very basic things that anyone without kids almost definitely takes for granted. Here are the top 10:
What Moms Want Most For Mother's Day This YearAccording to a new survey by a public relations agency called Child's Play Communications, nearly one in four moms got nothing for Mother's Day last year.
Celebrities And Their Moms [Photos]In honor of Mother's Day, here are a look at some well-known figures and their mothers:
100% of Kids Think Their Mom Is PerfectAccording to a new survey of 1,000 kids, 100% of moms are perfect.
Here Are the 10 Things New Moms Hate Hearing From PeopleAccording to a new survey, one in four new moms has stopped talking to someone over something they said about their baby. Here are the 10 things you shouldn't say to a new mom...
Jojo and Reagan Talk To "Scary Mommy", Jill SmoklerJill Smokler's writes about all sides of motherhood on her blog, She's published the best of her blog in a new book, "Confessions of a Scary Mommy", which is receiving national attention. She joined us Wednesday to talk about her honest and refreshing look at motherhood.
Norway is Named the Best Country For Mothers, and the U.S. Only Ranked 31st
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