David Mazouz From Fox's Gotham Talks With PriestlyBatman is here!!! David Mazouz, who plays young Bruce Wayne on Fox's Gotham, is in Baltimore this weekend for Baltimore Comic-Con. First stop, Mix 1065 and The Priestly Show!
John Basedow, Fitness Guru, with Priestly and Jo!!!Jo's day was just made! Jo has been into John Basedow and his Fitness Made Simple infomercials since the beginning...today we made her day!!!
What Is Club 1065?The show consists of eight 23 minute sets over four hours ....
Style Network's Mark Brunetz Interview.Jon's unedited interview with Mark Brunetz. We think he asks Jon to lunch. Twice!
Big Wedding or "Small Wedding"???To go GRAND or to the Justice of the Peace??? Rent a PALACE on a mountain top in France...or go barefoot on a beach in OC? Kelly Clarkson just announced the "cancellation" of her "BIG" wedding "event"...to ELOPE!
(Jon Boesche') Smarter Than Reagan Wednesday July 31. Are you?The sports world eagerly awaiting ....
(Jon Boesche') Smarter Than Reagan Tuesday July 16
Awesome Video! Capital Cities "Safe and Sound"
Ed Sheeran BALTIMORE Re-cap!If you don't know who Ed Sheeran is...you need to know! Check out his Baltimore takeover yesterday!
Retro Replay 8/6/12 The "Dark Priest" RISES! Felling a little better today...what better of a song for today's Retro Replay! ;)
Things That Seem Normal When You Live Alone
Hey! You got Taylor Swift in my Lady Gaga video...

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