The Top Ten Things Couples Would Change About Each Other
The '90s Frosted Tips Hairstyle Is Making a ComebackApparently, men are getting frosted tips again.
The Most Attractive HobbieseHarmony recently analyzed people's profiles to find out which hobbies and interests we're attracted to the most.
Are You Normal?: Here's How Many Men and Women Secretly Want to Hook Up with One of Their FriendsAccording to a new survey, men and women can be friends... but guys are more likely to secretly want to hook up with a friend than women.
Would You Get Fully Naked on a Nude Beach?A new survey asked people if they'd be willing to get totally naked on a nude beach.
Study: Tinder Can Affect Your MoodMen and women use Tinder very differently. And it turns out that leads to different results:
The Sexiest and Least Sexiest Names for Men (With Photos)Buzzfeed put together a list ranking 100 popular names for men, from MOST sexy to least sexy.
Men Today Are Three Times More Likely to Cry in Public Than Their FathersYou can probably count on one hand the number of times you've seen your dad cry. But times are changing:
The Secret for Women in Online Dating Is...ThisOKCupid just did a study on how online dating can work better for women. And basically, it all comes down to one thing:
Need A Reason To Ditch A Date? Here You Go!I hate to say it, but dates sometimes go really really wrong. If you need a reason to ditch out on a date, we've got a few suggestions for you. You're welcome! Ha ha!
Have You Thrown Out Your Partner's Clothes? You're Not AloneAccording to a new survey, 34% of women admit they've secretly thrown out some of their boyfriend or husband's clothes. There are two main reasons:
Eight Weird Things Women Do Without Realizing ItThere's a discussion going on right now on Reddit where guys are sharing the weird things women do without realizing just how weird they are.

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