The 5 Tattoos On Adele's Hands, Wrist And Behind the Ear: Photos And MeaningAdele has two separate tattoos on her wrist. Here's a close-up look, and the explanation:
What The Color of Your Bedroom Walls Says About YouA new survey found there's a connection between people and the color of their bedrooms walls.
Ending Your Texts With a Period Makes You Sound Like a JerkSometimes it's hard to convey the right tone when you're texting. But here's a tiny detail that can supposedly make a huge difference.
Dakota Johnson's Arm Tattoo Close Up [Photos]If you saw the Oscars, you may have noticed Dakota Johnson's tattoo on her left arm, which was covered up in "Fifty Shades of Grey." Here are some pics of the tattoo, along with its meaning:
What Is The Meaning Behind Your Dreams?What Is The Meaning Behind Your Dreams?
"All About That Bass": Our New Favorite SongMeghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" is one of the hottest songs in the country right now, and it's only getting bigger.
What's The Difference Between Cute, Hot, Sexy, Handsome and Beautiful?Kelsey from Canton messaged us on our Facebook page. She wants to know the difference between cute, hot, handsome, sexy and beautiful as compliments, since her current boyfriend calls her "cute," when guys in the past have called her "sexy" or "hot." Here's how some of our listeners defined the words:
All Of Pink's Tattoos Up Close [Photos]Here's an up-close look at Pink's many tattoos, and the meaning behind them:
The Tattoo On Felix Hernandez's Neck [Photos]What is the tattoo on Felix Hernandez's neck? Here are some up-close photos of the Seattle Mariners pitcher's ink, and the story behind it:
The Tattoo On Willie Robertson's Finger [Photos]What is the tattoo on Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson's finger? Here's an explanation, and some up-close photos:
Do The Lines On A Red Solo Cup Mean Something?Red Solo cups are the unofficial cup of parties: for beer pong, flip cup, or just straight up drinking. And there's a rumor going around Facebook that Red Solo cups are actually smarter than you realized. Those lines that wrap around the different sections of the cup aren't just for decoration; they're actually measurements.
Katy Perry Was Told to Lie and Say "Part of Me" Was About Russell Brand

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