Weddings Are Expensive...Even For The GuestsIs the new trend to say no to a wedding invite?
Elope Vs Huge Wedding: Which One Is More Likely To Divorce?Eloping may seem like a romantic idea, but, according to this data, not if you want your marriage to last!
No, Really: Don't Go To Bed AngryOne of the oldest clichés about marriage is "never go to bed angry."
The Best And Worst Years for Happiness in MarriagesA new survey asked people about different milestones in a marriage. Here's what it found:
Most Men Would Say Yes If A Woman ProposedThere's an old Irish tradition where women propose to their boyfriends on February 29th, and since this is a leap year, they'll actually have a chance to do it!
When Is The Best Age To Say “I do?”A sociologist at the University of Utah believes the prime time settle down is in your late 20s to early 30s.
Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Legal in All States – Artists ReactNews quickly spread of this historic ruling, lighting a firestorm of enthusiastic responses on social media. Many artists and musicians, too, jumped in to share their excitement.
Jerry Seinfeld Discusses Marriage with Wale in New Video: WatchWhat do Jerry Seinfeld and Wale have in common? Neither of them are ready for marriage.
The Secret to Success Is Marry Someone With This Personality TraitA new study out of Washington University in St. Louis found the secret to success is . . .
What The Cost Of Your Engagement Ring May Say About Your MarriageSee what the cost of your engagement ring could say about your marriage.
Study: The Key To A Rich, Long-Lasting RelationshipAccording to a new study from New York University, the key to a long, rich marriage is:
When Women Expect Proposals & The Kinds of Proposals They WantHow long into a relationship do women expect a marriage proposal? And what kinds of proposals do women want? According to a new survey...

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