Mix 1065 and Goddard School Anti Bullying Campaign: Fifi KutsonThis is an amazing sit down conversation with Baltimore County School Counselor Fifi Kutson who has over 30 years experience in our school system.
Cats Really Do Love You!Many people (especially those who aren’t fond of cats) believe that the animals are aloof and stand-offish – and basically ‘use’ their human owners as a two-legged food supply.
Spring Is The Best Season For Falling In LoveAccording to Liftoff, people are more than 130 percent more likely to join one in the spring than during the rest of the year. Also warmer weather lends itself to activities that are fun for couples and meeting people.
Which Celebrity Couple Would You Most Like To See Get Back Together?Which celebrity couple would you most like to see get back together?
Priestly and The Goddard School's Anti-Bullying Interview Series: Officer George MussiniHey it's Priestly and I cannot thank the wonderful people of The Goddard School enough, for sponsoring such an important initiative, Anti-Bullying! For our first interview session we sit down with 19+ year veteran Officer George Mussini of the Baltimore County Police Dept.
So, Priestly Approached a Baltimore City Police Woman, This is What HappenedYesterday I was downtown at a live broadcast I came across one of BCPD's finest. A very nice, and very surprised woman...I'm sad to say. I never actually had the chance to get her name, our encounter was very brief...
There's A Pokemon Go Dating Site: PokéDatesA new online dating site has launched to help Pokémon Go players find love while playing the game. You could find love at your local PokéStops!
Morning Show Re-Cap: Priestly in, Homer Simpson Out...Finding Pokemon!From crazy videos to all the latest happenings around the world! Man Reagan and Jon work their butts off...which is why they deserve this vaca!!! All week ya got the "Priestly Show" starting your day!
Happy Mother's Day! Priestly's Mother's Day Tradition Returns!Happy Mother's Day to ALL the awesome Mom's in Maryland and beyond! Friday I gave Momma P a surprise call on the air!!! Such a surprise...she didn't even know it was me!
You Meet "The One" Three Times in Your LifeHave you ever felt when a relationship ended that "the One" just got away? Don't worry . . . the next "one" should be coming around any minute now.
Are Americans Too Emotional?A study shared by Elite Singles found that about three out of four Americans want to hear 'I love you' everyday, compared with only about a fourth of Brits.
Jo: Here's Your Relationship Check UpOn the fence about your relationship? Here are a few signs that things are going pretty well...

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