Internet Roundup: A Mash Up of Every Hit Song from This Year, Joe Flacco Gets Covered In Old Bay, and DMX Raps "Rudolph"
Have Santa Send A Free Personal Message To Your KidThis website is HUGE. Parents go nuts for it because they can customize a personal message from Santa Claus himself for the kids.
Finally! A Song About Yoga Pants!
There Is Nothing Scarier Than A Ghost Kid In An Elevator!
The Big Toy This Holiday Season is . . . the Furby?What's going on? Have we time traveled back to 1996? Next, you're going to tell me pogs are back.
The 15 Things Men Don't Know About Their Wives Include Her Cell Phone Number, Bra Size, Natural Hair Color . . . and BirthdayReally? You don't know your wife's birthday? You deserve cake in your face. But can you pass this test of what you SHOULD know about your wife?
Scientists Confirm That We Like Listening to Holiday Songs for a While . . . And then we start to hate them, for they remind us of something...
The Top Four Lies Men Tell on First DatesAccording to a new survey, three out of four men admit that they've lied on a first date to impress the woman they're with. Here are the four most popular lies...
Gangnam Style Goes Christmas! Good Luck Topping This Holiday Light Display
Fighting Has Evolved . . . Here are the Top 10 Fights Over Technology Between CouplesTechnology has evolved . . . and not surprisingly, so have fights between couples. The website put together this list of the top 10 tech fights couples have now. Check it out . . .
The Top 10 Reasons Men and Women Give For Dumping YouA new survey found the top 10 reasons men and women dump each other. Number one for women was: fear of commitment. Yep, the OPPOSITE of the stereotype. Number one for men was "It's just not working."
Here are the Top 10 Words Women Should Put in an Online Dating Profile To Get More DatesIf your online dating profile isn't bringing in hoards of men . . . or at least a few men who aren't COMPLETELY sketchy . . . maybe it's because you used the wrong words.

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