David Mazouz From Fox's Gotham Talks With PriestlyBatman is here!!! David Mazouz, who plays young Bruce Wayne on Fox's Gotham, is in Baltimore this weekend for Baltimore Comic-Con. First stop, Mix 1065 and The Priestly Show!
Captain America: Civil War, Priestly's Family ReviewMy kids are begging me to see this one...well my boys are! Jack and Parker REALLY want to see Captain America: Civil War...after Batman V. Superman...I was nervous going into this one, would I have to deny them this movie also?
Captain America Civil War New Trailer And Priestly Reacts To It!All I can say is WOAH! Check out both videos NOW!!!
What A Weekend! Soccer, Superheroes and Dolphins!!! (OH MY!!!)Hey it's Priestly, I'm exhausted!!! We had a jam packed weekend! After week number 2 of school down...let's add in soccer and weekend fun! Ugh.... so it started at 7:30am Saturday morning!
"The Avengers" As A Boy Band
The AVENGERS trailer!!!!
Marvel's Thor Premiere Cast Interviews
The Number One Super Power That Americans Want Is . . .
Target, I Want To Have A Few Words With You
Jojo goes to ComiCon: The videos
Iron Man Stops Robin Hood in his Tracks
Iron Man Triumphs at the Box Office

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