Listening to Christmas Music Too Early in the Season Is Bad For Your Mental HealthIt's not getting you into the spirit, it's making you insane.
Friends Are Better For Your Health Than Family“Friendships become even more important as we age,” said Chopik, assistant professor of psychology.
Surprise! The Laziest Country In The World Isn't AmericaThat title belongs to Indonesia which averaged 3,513 steps. 
Here's How Much Money People Need To Feel Financially SecureIn fact, according to the survey, almost a third of Americans polled would run out of cash in less than a week if they were to lose their main source of income.
Single People Sleep Better Than Those Who Are Married Or SeparatedSingle people who never have to worry about someone else stealing the covers or snoring, get the most sleep.
Losing Weight Might Be As Easy As Turning Off The TVLosing weight might be as easy as turning off the TV.
Every Hour You Run Adds Seven Hours to Your LifeMaybe this will be the thing that actually motivates us to get jogging.
Benefits Of Baking May Be Sweeter Than You ThinkBaking treats is not only pleasing your sweet tooth, but experts say it has real psychological benefits.
Is Drinking Alcohol Really Good For Your Heart?While drinking does have its downfalls it turns out that sipping a little wine every now and then can be good for your health, especially your heart.
Talking About Other People Behind Their Back Is Great For Your HealthIt may be bad for your karma to say terrible things about people behind their backs, but it's great for your health.
3 Ways Clutter Affects Your HealthYou may want to do that Spring cleaning now...even though it's Summer.
You Can Undo All the Damage You've Done to Your Body As Long As You Do ThisHere's some good news going the summer weekend:

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