David Mazouz From Fox's Gotham Talks With PriestlyBatman is here!!! David Mazouz, who plays young Bruce Wayne on Fox's Gotham, is in Baltimore this weekend for Baltimore Comic-Con. First stop, Mix 1065 and The Priestly Show!
5 Best New Television Shows (You Still Have Time To Catch Up On)Check out five new television shows that you still have time to catch up on.
24!!! Jack Bauer's Clock Is Ticking Down! 3 Episodes Left!This limited run "event series"...12 episodes opposed to the full 24, have been STELLAR! Jam packed with the traditional twists, action packed sequences and the impossible time sensitive dilemmas, it's going to be hard to say goodbye...AGAIN!!!
Gordon Ramsay Is Done with "Kitchen Nightmares"Chef Gordon Ramsay is ending "Kitchen Nightmares".
Fox Renewals and Cancellations 2014Here are the cancellations and renewals that Fox announced at their "upfront," their annual presentation of their new schedule to advertisers.
24...Jack is BACK! TONIGHT! It's Priestly...today can not move fast enough! We had to say goodbye to "24" May 24th, 2010...4 years later, my favorite TV show of all time returns for a 12 episode "event".
Best "Day" Ever! 24 is Returning! Jack's BACK!I NEVER thought we'd see the day 24 would return! Leave it to the show that kept us on the edge of our seat, twist after turn to pull the ultimate surprise...24 is returning!!! But wait...there's already a twist!!!!!
The Following with Kevin Bacon...you following??Hey it's Priestly...this new show The Following has got me possessed!!! It's like passing that awful accident...yet you can't help slowing down to watch!
Your Season Premiere Ratings Rundown Includes the "X Factor" Failing to Crack the Top 10, While "The Voice" Came in Fourth with Three of the Top 10 Spots
TV Show Premiere Dates 2012Here's your calendar for when all the shows premiere this fall:
Fox's New Fall Shows 2012Fox announced five new shows for next season, three comedies and two dramas. Here's a quick rundown of each:
Fox's 2012 Cancelled And Renewed ShowsHere's a list of the shows Fox decided to cancel or renew for their upcoming TV season.

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