Five Of The Healthiest Fast Food DessertsSometimes your body just wants a deliciously disgusting fast food meal... after all we are humans.
McDonald's New Food Is A Dream Come TrueEverybody has a sweet and a salty side. Now, with McChoco Potato, you don’t have to choose!
McDonald’s Unique Payment Through Valentine’s DayMcDonald's will accept "expressions of affection" as payment for food as part of its “Pay with Lovin'” campaign, happening now through Valentine’s Day.
Fast Food Items You Should Never Order According To Their EmployeesSo, lots of us have heard this but maybe seeing it in text and pics will bring the point home for us!
Justin Timberlake Tickets For Smarter Than Reagan.Reagan was defeated today.
The Most Expensive Fast Food Burger PossibleBack in February, a guy named Beau Chevassus from Enumclaw, Washington figured out a way to order a $47.30 drink from Starbucks, which might just be the most expensive Starbucks drink ever. And he just tried to break another unofficial record for the most expensive fast food hamburger ever.
KFC is Opening Its First Upscale RestaurantKFC is about to try to jump into the upscale restaurant business.
Are You Addicted To Any Of These Foods....
"The Worst Restaurant Meal in America" Is At Long John Silver'sLong John Silver's is one of those fast food restaurants everyone forgets about when they're listing fast food restaurants. But luckily, researchers remembered them when they were putting this study together.
What Has The Most Calories At Fast Food Joints?
Ice In Drinks At Restaurants Often Loaded With BacteriaAccording to a study out of England, the ice in the ice machine contains more bacteria than the toilets at 60% of fast food places.
You Spend $2,000 a Year on TakeoutAccording to a survey by a British coupon site called VoucherCodes, the average person spends $2,006 a year on takeout food.

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