Facebook Envisions 'Watch' Feature As TV For Social Media
Facebook Likes Could Be Making Us DumberAccording to new research, Facebook likes could be turning you into an idiot.
Study Reveals 4 Types Of Facebook Users, Which One Are You?With 2 billion users, most people are on Facebook, but what type of user are you?
The 10 Most Obnoxious Photos People Post on InstagramA new survey found the 10 most obnoxious photos people post on Instagram.
Sofia Carson Covers Justin Bieber, Talks Pokemon Go And Opens The New Mix 1065 Up Close Performance TheaterHey it's Priestly...it's finally over! So much has gone into the opening of this incredible space!!! Stress and tension has been mounting during a week I am covering the morning show all the while knowing I have to host this important event! Thank goodness Sofia Carson is the BEST!
Want to Get Paid For Your Brilliant Facebook Posts?This could make Facebook better . . . or much, much worse.
Facebook Really Is Kinda AmazingHipster Facebook trying to corner the market on "slang".
Facebook Changed Again!? Tell Me How You Feel??Here we go...I don't Like it...I LOVE it! Game changer is here, Emoji's with thumbs up...will ya use it?
You Only Have Four Real Friends!But having a Facebook account with four friends would be kind of bummer.
Blown Away By Random Kindness Of Landon Donovan! Part 2!!!So after Landon Donovan randomly honored my brother and his family by signing a jersey for his namesake, my nephew Landon...Landon Donovan does this!
Facebook CEO Is Building A Robot AssistantMark Zuckerberg intends to build a robot to look after his house and keep tabs on his newborn daughter.
Million-Dollar Hoax Going Viral On FacebookSorry, Mark Zuckerberg isn't giving his money to you any time soon, regardless of what you see posted on your friends' Facebook feeds.

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