You're More Likely to Get a Raise If You Take Your Vacation DaysIf the reason you don't use your vacation days is because you think it'll help your career if you're there every single day . . . it's exactly the opposite
Instagram's Most Popular Celebrities, Places and Posting DaysCan you guess what celebrities, places and days of the year were most popular on Instagram in 2016?
There's a 40% Chance You Won't Remember The Answer To This Simple QuestionA new study in England wanted to test an interesting phenomenon. Researchers brought in volunteers and asked them one question:
The Happiest and Least Happy Days of The YearGallup just released the results of its study on the happiest and unhappiest days of 2014. They literally surveyed people every single day asking how happy they were. That sounds like a massive pain, but hey, good data for us.
The Perfect Time To Open a Bottle of WineIf having between one to seven glasses of wine is part of how you unwind at night, allow us to tell you how you're doing it wrong. A new survey asked people about their nightly wine drinking habits, and found these four results:
If Your Company Let You Buy Extra Vacation Time, Would You Do It?If your company offered you extra vacation time but you had to pay for it, does it still count as vacation time? Apparently a lot of people and a lot of companies think the answer is yes.
Survey: The Longest You'll Go Without ShoweringSome people shower every day. We call those people liars. Every once in a while, we all just kinda let our filthiness ride. A new survey asked people how far they've pushed it without taking a shower.

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