Do You Pay to Go to Thanksgiving Dinner with Your Family?Apparently this really happens.
You Can Now See Unlimited Movies in the Theater for $9.95 a MonthYou can see as many movies as you want for roughly the cost of one ticket.
How Much Money Should You Give For a Graduation Present?So how much are people giving out for graduation gifts these days?
New Invention: Clear Coffee That Won't Stain Your TeethTwo brothers in England just started selling a clear coffee.
The Bare Minimum You Need to Do to Make It Look Like You Tried on Valentine's DayHopefully you remember that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. That's step one. Now we'll get into the rest of the steps it takes to half-ass it tomorrow but not make it super obvious.
Guess How Much The Average Wedding CostsAccording to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding has increased by thousands of dollars.
It Costs $37,000 More to Raise a Girl Than a BoyA new study found there's a big money difference when it comes to raising boys and girls.
11 Chores and How Much Kids Should Get Paid for ThemHere are 11 chores, and how much the average person thinks they're worth:
Here's How Huge The Markup Is On Movie Theater FoodMovie theater food is obscenely overpriced. You knew that, but here's exactly how much.
Is This Really The Cost To Go To An Orioles Game?According to a new study, this is how much it costs to go to an Orioles game this year:
Here's What The Typical Wedding Is Like in 2016WeddingWire just released its annual study of wedding costs, traditions and more to find out what the typical wedding it like in 2016:
It Costs $381,000 to Have a Happy MarriageA new study found it costs approximately $381,000 to have a happy marriage. Here's the breakdown, according to the survey by Quidco, a British coupon site:

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