BFQ 6/27/14Today we tested your knowledge with "About 20% of these a never used once they are purchased...what are they????
Big Fat Question 11/13By the end of the year, 9 billion dollars worth of this product will have sold. What is it?
Big Fat Question 10/9This is one of the most annoying things we do, but it's good for us. What is it?
Big Fat Question 9/4On average, we eat 13 POUNDS of this, in a year. What is it?
Big Fat Question 7/10There are 300,000 of these in the US. What are they?
Big Fat Question 6/6It takes the average woman 45% longer than men to do THIS.
Big Fat Question 5/28Who is the most searched person on the internet?
Big Fat Question 02/13Over 60% of us say we fight this the most.. What is it?
Big Fat Question 1/9
Big Fat Question 11/29Married people will get this more than single people, what is it?
Retro Replay 8/14/12Click me for all the info you needI know it's Shark week...but with the discovery of this GINORMOUS Python found in Fla'...1 song pops to mind! Back to 88'!
Big Fat Question 8/6

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