You're More Likely to Get a Raise If You Take Your Vacation DaysIf the reason you don't use your vacation days is because you think it'll help your career if you're there every single day . . . it's exactly the opposite
Science Has Figured Out Whether You Should Walk Up an Escalator or Just Stand ThereIt's always nice when science tackles the real problems.
Meghan Trainor Shows Her Dark Side In “Better” VideoWhen first hearing Meghan Trainor and Gotti’s collaboration on “Better,” one might have expected it to be accompanied by a sad music video about a relationship in turmoil.
Men Handle More of the Grilling, But Women Are Better At ItA new survey found men handle more of the grilling, but women just might be better at it.
Study: Men Are Better At Directions Than WomenWell this debate is settled. No need to ever argue about it again, right? Men are better at directions than women.
10 Things That Put You in a Better MoodResearchers at the London School of Economics asked people to keep track of what moodthey were in, using a smartphone app. Here are the 10 activities that improve your mood the most:
Five Things That Help You Sleep Longer And Five Things That Cost You SleepAccording to an Australian research project called the ReDormin Sleep Study, these are the things that help you sleep longer, and the things that cost your sleep.
A "Like" On Facebook Feels as Good as SexAccording to a new study out of Harvard, when someone on Facebook gives your post a "Like," it feels just as good to your brain as having sex.

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