A Chart Ranking the Best Types of French Fries That Everyone HatesAre these the best types of French fries?
Drinking Tequila Makes You Lose Weight?You're not going to believe this, but according to a new study, drinking tequila helps you lose weight.
Here's the Formula for the Perfect Online Dating Profile PicYou get more dates by posting these types of photos.
The Best Dating Apps For Finding Love And The Best For Hooking UpA new study has found the best dating apps for finding love and the best ones for just hooking up.
America's Favorite Christmas SongsCan you guess what tops a new poll of America's favorite Christmas carols?
The Greatest Breakfast Cereals of All TimeWe've got a list of the best cereals of all time, but it comes with a warning: It's clear a lot of the votes are based on nostalgia, because four of the top 10 were discontinued before 1980.
The Words That Help Your Dating Profile. . . and the Ones That Kill ItYou didn't realize it, but apparently you needed to have a thesaurus next to you when you filled out your online dating profile.
The 10 Best and Worst Jobs For 2015A job website called CareerCast.com just released their annual list of the 10 best and worst jobs in 2015, and the "best jobs" list is packed with math, science, and technology.
The Top 10 Best Jobs For 2015"U.S. News & World Report" just released its annual list of the best jobs for 2015.
The Best And Worst Dog Breeds In The World [Photos]A new study ranked 87 of the most popular dog breeds from best to worst. They based it on how much they cost, their intelligence, their health, their lifespan and how easy they are to groom.
Eleven Little Things in Life That Make Us HappyAccording to a new survey, 93% of people say the little things in life make them happy.
The Ten Things You Do on a First Date That Make Someone Not Want a SecondIt's amazing anyone is able to relax and have a normal conversation on a first date, considering how much judging is going on, and how even one little mistake can ruin things.

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