David Mazouz From Fox's Gotham Talks With PriestlyBatman is here!!! David Mazouz, who plays young Bruce Wayne on Fox's Gotham, is in Baltimore this weekend for Baltimore Comic-Con. First stop, Mix 1065 and The Priestly Show!
Justice League Trailer!As I sit here watching Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice...yesterday the first full trailer for Justice League dropped...check this out!!
The New Wonder Woman TrailerAfter seeing this trailer of the new Wonder Woman movie...I can't wait to show my daughter Olivia...and get her psyched for the first female lead super hero movie!
Priestly's Review: Suicide SquadThis is the one and only review you should check out. I can't stand all the negativity, it's a comic book movie!!! What the hell are these film geeks expectations, and why aren't they creating these films if they know so much???
Priestly Is Celebrating Five Years With Mix 106.5Priestly is celebrating five years on Mix 106.5!
Batman v Superman: Jo v Batfleck I was lucky enough to see the Mix 106.5 Advanced Screening in IMAX and think that was the perfect format for this gritty take on the Dawn on Justice.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Spoiler Free Review (Especially For Parent Fans)So many thoughts flying through my mind…Batman…Superman…Wonder Woman…Lex…MY KIDS! Wow…for me this movie was really, Priestly v. PriestlyKids: Dawn of “Can We Go”??
Jo Talks About 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'What superhero movies are you most excited about?
Superheroes Are In Need Of An ExorcismAre superheroes in need of a different kind of reboot?
‘Batkid Begins’ Documentary Releases Tear-Jerking, Feel Good TrailerThe viral feel-good story of 2013, in which a little boy with leukemia wished to be Batman, is coming to a theater near you. And making you tear up when you watch the film’s first official trailer.
Fifty Shades Of FLASH!!!?!!!So in trying to understand the life of a super hero...no one's perfect! I mean sure it's great being the fastest guy on the planet...but is it really? Not in ALL facets of life...What is that book in Flash's hand???
The New Batman Vs. Superman Casting Rumors [Update]There are lots of rumors flying around about Warner Brothers' upcoming "Batman vs. Superman" film. Here's the latest:

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