The Top Ten Things Couples Would Change About Each Other
The Most Annoying Christmas SongsOn our Facebook page, we asked our listeners to name the most annoying Christmas songs. Here are the songs that got the most comments and votes...but fair warning: chances are you like at least one of these!
The 10 Things That Annoy Us Most On A Daily BasisAccording to a new survey, we get annoyed seven times a day by things we can't control. Here are the 10 things that annoy us most on a daily basis:
"Virtual Displays of Affection" Annoy People As Much As Public Displays of AffectionPeople aren't just annoyed by public displays of affection anymore . . . now people hate virtual displays of affection too.
Scientists Have Figured Out How To Get a Song Out of Your HeadThere's nothing worse than having an annoying song stuck in your head. But if it does, scientists have finally figured out a way to get you some peace.
The Five Things You Do on Facebook That People Hate the MostHere are the five things you do on Facebook that make your friends hate you, and the percentage of people who hate it:
The Worst Backseat Drivers & WhyA new survey asked people to name the most annoying backseat drivers, and the most annoying things they do.

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