10 Things That Seem Normal To Americans But Confuse TouristsThere's a lot of stuff in this country that seems totally normal to us,  but confuses tourists who come here from other countries. 
Surprise! The Laziest Country In The World Isn't AmericaThat title belongs to Indonesia which averaged 3,513 steps. 
Your Independence Day Playlist: The Most Popular Fourth of July SongsYouTube looked at their search results from the last three years to figure out which songs get the biggest bump on the Fourth of July.
The Ten Worst Jobs In AmericaThe website CareerCast.com released its annual list of the worst jobs in America.
What Do Other Countries Really Think of Americans?What Do Other Countries Really Think of Americans? Find out here.
36 Bizarre Things Dropped On New Year’s EveFrom a big chunk of cheese in Wisconsin to giant Peep in Pennsylvania, here are 36 things that are ceremoniously dropped on New Year's Eve.
Priestly and Jenn Host The Weekend Countdown for Billy Bush TONIGHT!Forget the Golden Globes...check out Priestly and Jenn, 9pm TONIGHT!!!! Filling in for Billy Bush, they have the 30 biggest songs in the country! Check out what they got cooking!
"The Worst Restaurant Meal in America" Is At Long John Silver'sLong John Silver's is one of those fast food restaurants everyone forgets about when they're listing fast food restaurants. But luckily, researchers remembered them when they were putting this study together.
Emeli Sandé Draws Inspiration From America
The 10 Worst Dressed Cities in the U.S.A real estate blog called Movoto just released a list of America's 10 worst dressed cities. The rankings are based on high-end clothing, jewelry, and shoe stores per capita, plus the number of tailors, seamstresses, and fashion schools. Here are the 10 worst:
What Is America's Favorite Snack Food? According to a survey by a market-research firm called the Brand Index, these are America's top 10 favorite snacks:
One Direction Tell Dirty Little Secrets, Love SurfingWho has the dirtiest mind in the band? It's not the same guy who's the messiest.

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