New Researches Says Your Goldfish Could Be Getting TipsyBut just how tipsy are these fish getting? The study says their blood alcohol levels can reach 3 ounces! 
Here Are 4 Reasons To Drink A Shot Of Tequila A DayHappy National Tequila Day! 
This State Just Banned Margarita PitchersDo you think this is fair? What would you do if Maryland banned pitchers?
Drinking Tequila Makes You Lose Weight?You're not going to believe this, but according to a new study, drinking tequila helps you lose weight.
Is Drinking Alcohol Really Good For Your Heart?While drinking does have its downfalls it turns out that sipping a little wine every now and then can be good for your health, especially your heart.
Red Bull and Vodkas Are as Bad For You as CocaineIf red bull-and-vodka is your drink of choice, you may want to rethink that decision.
You Can Undo All the Damage You've Done to Your Body As Long As You Do ThisHere's some good news going the summer weekend:
Five Things To Drink On St. Patrick's Day That Aren't BeerDon't like green beer? ...or beer at all? Here are some alternatives! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Here's What Happens When You Quit Drinking For A Month...Go check out the MAJOR things that happen to your body when you stop drinking for 30 days....
People Drink Less Alcohol Now To Look Healthy on Social Media
Taco Bell To Start Serving AlcoholTaco Bell tells Eater that the new location will have a "completely new urban restaurant design."
Get Beer, Wine & Liquor Delivered To Your DoorDrizly, an alcohol delivery service, will begin taking orders in Baltimore Thursday.

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