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TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY VIVIAN NEREIM - Tourists walk on the beach on December 23, 2014 in the Omani capital Muscat. From desert camping to luxury hotels, turtle-watching, and even the Arabian peninsula's first Italian-style opera house, Oman is hoping to carve out a place on the global tourist track. AFP PHOTO / MOHAMMED MAHJOUB

Nude Sunbathing In Ocean City?

The beach patrol will not stop you, until a formal declaration is received.


Her Wedding Was Hijacked!

The bride added that though she has never considered herself an “attention hog,” she still found herself irate weeks after the wedding.


Orlando Bloom

Spend The Night With Celebrity & Get Fired!

Ross was supposedly caught in Bloom’s room by a manager at the hotel and was fired for “fraternizing with clients” after it was revealed she was an employee.


My Notes From Trending

Lucky charms is releasing 10000 boxes of marhmallow only boxes of ….cereal.


An Alleged Breakup With Blake & Gwenn?

Who’s responsible for the friction between Gwen & Blake?


Season Two Of 13 Reasons Why, Details Revealed.

If that weren’t enough, Netflix just tweeted some more details for fans to obsess over.


Celebrities Warned About Social Media!

Celebrities will now have to be more transparent about business!


American Idol Is Back Confirmed?

“’American Idol’ is a pop culture staple that left the air too soon,”


The New Dirty Dancing Trailer!

In a 30-second promo for the remake, we see recreations of familiar scenes from the 1987 film…


Weddings Are Expensive…Even For The Guests

Is the new trend to say no to a wedding invite?



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