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Neci's Nine AT Nine 12/12/17Here is tonight's results from the Nine At Nine.
Do You Pay to Go to Thanksgiving Dinner with Your Family?Apparently this really happens.
Listening to Christmas Music Too Early in the Season Is Bad For Your Mental HealthIt's not getting you into the spirit, it's making you insane.
New Meghan Trainor Is In The WorksShe has been in studio working on new music for most of 2017
Bob Bell Pink Tags Give Back to The Red Devils“When you receive a diagnosis like that, you do get a new normal. And what The Red Devils does and what a donation can help these people do is kind of reach back to their old normal”
Today Is National Taco Day! New Survey Shows How Much You Love TacosToday is National Taco Day, so put on your taco pants and see how you compare to most people when it comes to a little spicy pouch of deliciousness.
The Top Ten Things Couples Would Change About Each Other
Win Front Row Seats to Harry Styles!!Maria Dennis has you chance to get front row seats to Harry Styles this Sunday!
David Mazouz From Fox's Gotham Talks With PriestlyBatman is here!!! David Mazouz, who plays young Bruce Wayne on Fox's Gotham, is in Baltimore this weekend for Baltimore Comic-Con. First stop, Mix 1065 and The Priestly Show!
Here Are the Signs That You Damaged Your Vision During the EclipseIf you think you wrecked your eyes yesterday, here are the signs...
Trendy Moms Don't Want to Be Called "Mom" Anymore, They Want To Be Called ThisApparently, some moms are now telling their kids not to call them "mom."
10 Things That Seem Normal To Americans But Confuse TouristsThere's a lot of stuff in this country that seems totally normal to us,  but confuses tourists who come here from other countries. 

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