Six Things To Do the Day Before You Go on Vacation

Have you been on vacation yet? If not….here are six things you should do the day before your vacation starts . . .

1.  Clean up.  Meaning your home, and also your desk at work.  It’s just a lot nicer if you don’t have to come back to a mess.

2.  Set up your out-of-office message.  Meaning your voicemail and your email.  A lot of people forget to do so.

3.  Double-check all your reservations.  Like flight times and hotel dates.  It’ll help you relax and not stress out about it.  And if anything’s wrong, you want to deal with it BEFORE your vacation starts, not in the middle of it.

4.  Make sure you have all your documents together in one spot.  Like plane tickets, your license, or your passport if you’re leaving the country.

5.  Charge all your devices.  Like your phone, tablet, computer, and camera if you’re bringing one.  Then when you pack them, just make sure you pack the cords too.

6.  Make a list of stuff you need to do when you get BACK.  Do one for personal chores, and one for work tasks.  That way you’re prepared, and won’t have to worry about stuff while you’re on vacation.  So it’ll be easier to just relax.


(Business Insider)


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