Scientific studies have shown that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, trouble concentrating, and a weakened immune system, but what about your mental health?

A survey of 2000 Americans says sleep has a lot to do with happiness.

Sponsored by mattress company, Amerisleep, this survey set out to find the link between sleep and happiness, relationships, and positive thinking.

People who got 6.7 hours of sleep or less reported themselves to be “completely unhappy,” but those who got only 24 minutes more time in bed considered themselves to be “perfectly happy.” This is even more significant with women, who on average get less sleep than men. Women in the “perfectly happy” group got 7.02 hours of sleep, a compared to 5.94 hours in the “completely unhappy” tribe.

This survey says the status of your relationship also has a lot to do with the amount of sleep you get.

Single people who never have to worry about someone else stealing the covers or snoring, get the most sleep.

While those struggling with the stress of a separation report getting the least. The study says, “Less than 6.8 hours of sleep meant complete unhappiness in relationships, constant worry, and never a shred of gratitude.”


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