By Priestly

It’s been a long 75 years for Wonder Woman to finally get her chance to lead on the big screen and now she’s in the hands of the team responsible for Batman V Super Man and Suicide Squad!!!  So, here we go again…will I be able to take my kids who are 8 and 9 (almost 10)?

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Priestly and The Kids at the movies
Photo Credit: Priestly

My daughter Olivia (8) has wanted to see this one for a while!!!  I’ve wanted to take her ever since I had heard about it.  Even her twin brother Parker, older brother Jack and MOM are interested in seeing Wonder Woman, but having  just experienced it…they may have to wait.

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Behind every good man…

As far as the movie itself, I REALLY LIKED IT!  Gal Gadot is AWESOME! Smart, Strong and yes, Beautiful!  I LOVED the action, the scenery the origin story!  The scenes of Diana as a young girl were perfect for what I would want my kids to see.  Ahhhhh if only they stayed young!  Wonder Girl grows into Wonder Woman pretty quickly, and so does the innocence.  For some reason, DC/Warner Brothers like to bring in adult matter…I guess it’s part of that “darker” or “edgier” take  as opposed to Marvel…but call me prude, leave the sexual innuendo out!  It’s not needed; it offers some good laughs, but FOR ME takes away the opportunity for my kids to see it in theaters.  That said, as soon as I can download it…DONE! (Take that any way you want it Lol!!!)  There are 2 maybe 3 scenes that explore adult themes…I leave that vague intentionally as to not spoil anything.  That said I am not ready to talk with my kids about sex yet.  It’s funny; my buddy who has a 5 yr. old was there too and said he will be bringing his daughter.  Which made me think, how prude am I?  Honestly, the violence in this is pretty crazy, minus blood.  Which is my typical barometer for these PG-13 movies and my pre 13 year old children…this time, I’m cool with it.  It’s those few scenes that can evoke a conversation from my very astute children, which I’d prefer happen when they are a little bit older.  Sadly, we live in a violent crazy world; I can talk with them about that.  However, if I can fend off those “other” talks and keep my kids’ lives innocent for just a few more years…then it’s worth holding off on seeing Wonder Woman in theaters.  The minute I can get it downloaded or on Blu-Ray, it’s a “Priestly Family Movie Night” feature, where daddy can skip through a couple of scenes!!!

That said, I wonder how this will do overall.  I am ABSOLUTELY cheering for Wonder Woman to break all the records.  The early reviews are awesome.  Fun date night or ladies night movie! It’s by far the best DC/Warner Brothers effort to date…but for me it was not on the level of a Marvel movie.  Ooh and speaking of, unlike the Marvel movies…there were no end credit scenes, don’t waste your time! I stayed till the lights came on. When the credits roll…you can roll!



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