Does Your Horoscope Explain Why You’re Feeling Emotional?

Let your horoscope guide your decisions this weekend!

I have a batchelorette party weekend on my horizon and I’ve been feeling nostalgic.  But I feel like everyone is a little more emotional than normal, so I went to to check out what the stars were doing to us! I’ve recaped every sign’s predictions below, but click your sign to get the full scoop!

Aries – Aggressive people may win out today.  Feeling vulnerable and upset, it’s best to keep away from all the noise would

Taurus – Your love life may come into question this weekend when small differences are amplified. Follow your lover’s example on how to deal with your arguments and it could bring you just what you seek.

Gemini – Today is a great day to define new personal and professional goals and maybe asking for that raise?

Cancer – Look at your money! You’ve been avoiding it, but address it this weekend because you have something to learn in this domain.

LeoDon’t listen to the doubts and old demons you have about being in a relationship, it could set you back. A lot.  Just roll with whats going on until the next moon.

Virgo You aren’t the biggest advocate for working under constraints, Virgo, so today is going to be good for you. You will accept them, and gracefully. Do you understand the meaning of such a day? It would be wonderful if you learned how to hold onto the paradox you discover. The greatest freedom comes through discipline. If you can do this, you will be happy!.

Libra -Abandon the myth that you don’t have any gifts or means at your disposal, Libra. The proof is that you have your body. Are you taking care of yourself? Do you exercise? Do you take care of minor health issues? All of these questions are related. You regard your gifts the same way you regard your body..

Scorpio – Love comes when you’re not expecting it!  Learn to love yourself until then or else you will be waiting on someone who will never know to approach you.

Sagittarius -Your children are especially a reflection of yourself this weekend.   This would be a good time to ask yourself if youre still holding resentments from that time in your life.  Finding answer to that could benefit your loved ones dramatically.

Capricorn – Don’t spend beyond your means today, Capricorn! If you happen to be in a crowd of enthusiastic shoppers, it could be disastrous for your wallet. You could yield to the prevailing spending mood all too easily! On the other hand, perhaps you owe yourself a treat. If you feel this is the case, at least limit yourself a bit.

Aquarius – Minor tensions will arise with someone close to you today. Don’t loose your cool over somethings you already know the answer to. Just structure your argument gently!

Pisces You’ve meet challenges presented by the past several days and need a little peace and quiet! Fight the urge run and wait until you have some vacation time, it may be sooner than you think!


Have a good weekend and make good decisions!

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