The Full Moon is changing everything! How your weekend could play out, according to your Horoscope!By Kaite Rose has a lot to say about the Full Moon this weekend! Get a quick look at what how your weekend starts, and click on your sign to get the full story!

Aries- A Gathering will hold so much information and opportunity, you might want to go in with a pen and paper! Bon Chance!

Taurus- You’re in luck! Your affinity toward dreaming and analyzing your dreams will keep you busy this weekend. Time to start a dream diary!

Gemini- Your social circle might have you in a tizzy! All of your invitations will need to be sorted out.  Choose your engagements wisely! 

Cancer- Yoga and mediation might come in handy this weekend, as concentrating on one thing at a time will be especially difficult!

Leo- Lets get physical! Your desires to eat, be treated like royalty and indulge will be high this weekend, so remember, less is more!

Virgo- You’re time has been full all week and a little alone time will do you good.  Be careful to prioritize your needs over your partners’ demands.

Libra- Demands are high at work, and you’re likely to be distracted.  It will serve you best to do one thing at a time and let less significant issues go for now. 

Scorpio- You want to make it rain on a shopping trip today! But DONT! wait for tomorrow when the planets’ alignment give you a more level headed mind to make financial decisions with!

Sagittarius- You want to be admired, and it wont be hard! With you glowing today, it might be a good idea to invite your partner to your house, so you can forgo the extensive social outing you’ve been trying to avoid, while still getting the praise you desire.

Capricorn- Do not get ahead of yourself in your new relationship.  You may want to blurt out how you feel but now is not the time. 

Pisces- You will have center stage, and you will own it if you make sure you are reading your audience. Don’t be more engaged then they are, and you will nail your performance!

Aquarius- Be careful which gifts you accept, as they will have strings attached in the future. 


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