The planets are moving around and it may make a difference in what is going on in your life!By Kaite Rose

The grass is greener, the trees are in bloom and the spring breeze is coming through every evening! See what the planets have brought to your first week of May! Click your sign to get the full story on !

Aries- This week, ask for help and jump into that creative project you’ve been putting off! You might find yourself in a glowing romance by the end of the week!

Taurus- The planet alignment is in your favor today! Mercury pushes clarity in your direction. You may find a transformation of thoughts and feelings that lead you toward a goal.  AND the Sun and Neptune link to make this a great time for a first date or rekindling the flame of romance!

Gemini- Wednesday might bring unexpected opportunity, make sure you’re ready to pounce!
Cancer- The moon may lead you down a new path! Keep an open mind and new friendships might blossom!
Leo- Wednesday is the time to make a decision about something you’ve been toiling over! Lay low for a few days as the planets realign in your favor and keep an eye on that coworker you have a tender spot for!
Virgo- Uranus pulls you toward a new gadget that could revolutionize your life! Be careful to spend your money wisely! Thursday or Friday might bring an exciting romantic adventure!
Libra- Wednesday brings surprises for you! Make your you work ahead and remain flexible! This is the time to take time to priorities yourself and recharge your batteries!
Scorpio- This week may be bumpy so get ready! But one of these bumps might push you into an opportunity that has positive consequences!
Sagittarius- Take that surprise invitation and explore new leisure options! Wednesday might bring excitement to a relationship that seemed to have come to a halt. Don’t take kindly to comfort food ! You will be tempted!
Capricorn- The energies are blending, and a new romance is blossoming! Make the first move, a first date is looking like a highlight of your week!
Aquarius- Focus on your home and family and self!  You’ve probably had a very busy few weeks so unwind! That will lead to the rejuvenation necessary to take on projects you’ve had on the backburner!
Pisces- Avoid buying, spending and indulging for the next two weeks. Confide in a friend or romantic interest, you could find yourself closer and create a supportive bond in the future.

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