By Priestly

I am Groot…I am Groot, I AM GROOT!

Non-stop from beginning to end it’s mostly non-stop action and non-stop fun!  Summer is here!  The Guardians are back and we LOVED it!  Drax is HYSTERICAL!!!!  Baby Groot steals the movie and your heart.  Gamora, Star-Lord, Rocket and the rest of the characters absolutely light it up in this wild follow up to an amazing movie.  With the addition of Peter Quill’s father and other supporting/cameo roles you need to make #GOTGVOL2 a must see!

I was worried about the language and “content” for the little one’s…Jack is 9 and Parker & Olivia 8 (who could not wait to see this)…I was right, there are PLENTY of S bombs, Damn it’s, crap’s, ass and other words to make the kids smile with that OMG face…but one scene in particular with Ego, Drax and a few other’s discussing baby making and the male anatomy are enough to make EVERYONE blush…using the proper scientific word for the male organ…I’m blushing now!!!!  I actually ran out of the theater to escort one of the boys to the restroom and walked in on this scene…and the P word is being flailed around…I ask Olivia…Is this inappropriate…her response, “VERY!” Oh man…what did I miss????

Lol…that said, this is going to be a smash!  Enjoy…and stay for all the post credit scenes…plus keep an eye out through out the credits for 3 little repeating words 😉

I am Groot!



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