The Planets are realigning and you may need to adjust! Find out which plans of yours Mars will shake up next!

This week should be interesting for everyone in very different ways.  Read the sneak peak into what your week might shape up to look like below.  Click on your sign to get the full story as provided by

Aries-Life might through bumps in the road, but do your best. Sometimes that’s the best you can do until things clear out next week! Remember; Slow and steady until you find your focus.  Also, relationships may not be what they seem right now, take a harder look at one you might be willing to dispose of!

Taurus-Monday’s are hard! But don’t worry, by mid-week, you’ll be ready to shine!

Gemini-You’re entering a few weeks of reflection time! Make sure to take this week to examine which relationships are working for you and which issues you can resolve!

CancerThis is the beginning of a 4 week stay for the sun; for you this means your social life has an extra spark!

Leo– Get ready to be the center of attention for the next few weeks! Put your best foot forward and it will pay off to impress the right people!

Virgo-Life could be a little bit easier after this past intense month. This may be time to look at your finances and resolve any issues you left hanging in the balance.

Libra– Get ready for a deeper focus on issues that mean a lot to you, and need your attention.  If you feel guilty for letting someone down, remember you cannot control everything, so try not to be hard on yourself.

Scorpio-Mid week may bring peace in an unsettling feeling you’ve had toward a key relationship.  And this week may be a great time to be introspective.

Sagittarius– You’ve come far in the past few weeks, but now it’s time to ge to the nitty gritty and tweek what you’ve been working on so that it works best for you! Keep an eye on your romantic life this week as well, Mars has moves for you that could impact important bonds!

CapricornThe next few weeks are time to chill! Romance might be in the horizon, so make sure you’re maintaining a balance of work, play and pleasure!

Aquarius-The next few weeks should be all about you! Make sure you are eating good food, and getting plenty of rest.

Pisces– Keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity to make some progress in the coming weeks. You might hit a few delays, but that might work out for you in the long run!


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