Horoscopes: Stay On Your Toes!

See How This Beautiful Moon Will Mess With Your Balance This Week

Full Moon is messing with everyone this week! Check here for a briefing, then get the whole deal at horoscope.com.

Sagittarius One big project will be coming to an end. Also, whatever you do, stop hanging out with complainers!

Aries- Avoid overreacting and avoid arguments.  All your efforts controlling your impulses may pay off romantically!

Taurus- Fight the urge to kick back in the beginning of the week, it looks like your to do list will fill up with unexpected tasks! Find out how this might affect your social life!

Gemini- The lively sparkle around leisure activities and your social life continues, go with the flow.  This week is all about relationships; romantic and old friends alike!

Cancer- Indulge this week! Pamper yourself and avoid getting tangled up in nonsense. You’ll be feeling good and drama free so keep an eye out for opportunity to open a new door in your career !

Leo- Patience in your world are wearing thin. Figure out how to dance around becoming irritated by minor matters.

Virgo- You’re going to want to get your credit card and go HAM. DON’T! See what is best to buy now according Mercury…

Scorpio-Emotional baggage or similar information could come out of the blue this week. Let yourself be moved and keep your weekend open for new connections!

Capricorn-The Full Moon is shedding light on your ambition; your plans, projects and image shine. Start to set yourself up to look like the boss you are! See what happens on Thursday to turn things around…

Aquarius- Want to get away? This might just be the best time to book that trip!  But keep your mind here for now, odd news might bring a refreshing opportunity into your life!

Pisces-Spending money and having fun are on your mind; but you expenses are around the corner that you may not be prepared for.  Make sure you keep your ducks in a row and don’t do anything you might regret.


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