Are you going to hit a homerun with your week!?

Opening day makes for a GREAT start to the spring weather and an awesome week! But you may want to splurge on a good time, but click on your horoscope here to make sure spending a few extra $$ on a yourself is a good idea!

Aries- Certain areas of your life might require rethinking. Are you ready to get your business together.

Taurus- certain events may have you feeling less confident than normal, particularly concerning a business matter. Advice on what to do to get back at it!

Gemini- Is something not working? Look for the obstacles that could have you revising your plans to stay on track!

Cancer- Opposition causing your confidence to drop? See what to look for to put control back in your hands!

Leo- you might be eager to move ahead but learn why you need to collect all the details before you make a move!

Virgo- Things are slowing down in your life, but is it a bad thing?

Libra- Be cautious when signing anything import! You might need to return a big ticket item or two!

Scorpio- Restore order and routine in your life! This is also the perfect time to explore your money situation!

Sagittarius- You may be in a rut the next few months, working on an old issue! BUT find out what day is the best to let it all go and party!

Capricorn- could be pitted against family members! See which key decision might be part of a bigger issue!

Aquarius- Get to know your $$ details! Figure out which big purchases to switch out with small luxuries!

Pisces- Full Moon building over the weekend, you could be encouraged to shop, but keep your receipts and paperwork!


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