Horoscopes for Week of March 27, 2017

Take on the last week of March like a Lion!

Every week, I like to take a quick gander into the stars to help me predict or expect or keep a look out for what might be going on in my world this week! I start the week off on a good foot, and it helps keep me on track when I am not quite sure how to react to my ever changing live! I summed up what horoscope.com says about each sign for this week! Hopefully this will help give you a little insight into your world, too!

Aries: It’s your year! Find how why…

Taurus: Why mediating might do you some good this week…

Gemini: See how the new moon has you on TRACK!

Cancer: Find out which career opportunities are in your cards this week.

Leo: Why you need to expand your horizons…

Virgo: The new moon says to expand your horizons!

Libra: Find out more about a fresh start; is it a new romance, or a working relationship that needs your attention?!

Scorpio: It might be time for a change, but where do you start?

Sagittarius: Pay attention to small beginnings it might pay off financially in the future!

Capricorn: New beginnings at home?

Aquarius: Lots of good news for you, find out which one to pay attention to!

Pisces: Why you need to keep things balanced and appropriate!


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